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Below is a list of services we offer at Natural Therapies Health Center.


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We have several types of services that can be viewed by clicking on the category at the top of the list.


Feel free to contact us with any questions (478) 922-3316.

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What People Are Saying...

About Our Services

So grateful for the services provided, genuine quality product's and sweet and educative staff! I couldnt be happier.

Piper Le Fay

Super helpful! I walked in to browse and they fit me immediately for my first foot reflexology. 
The store has a huge selection of herbs and medicines. Also alkaline water, stones, supplements and books. 
Reflexology - $45 feet or $60 for hand and foot. So worth it! 
Not only did he point out some of the issues I am currently having, but he also gave me tips on how to manage issues I've had chronic pain with. 
Phenomenal what the feet can tell you! 
He truly knows what he's doing. My plantar fasciitis had immediate relief. I've dealt with foot and knee inflammation for 8 years and 2 reflexology appointments later - I haven't felt this great in a long time.

Leticia A.

I tried the Meridian testing and Stephanie was wonderful. I have been feeling very poorly for almost a year and was at my wits end. I knew something was wrong with my thyroid but my medical dr would not do anything because he said my blood work was “normal.” When Steph tested me, she asked me “How are you even functioning? This is the lowest score I have ever seen for a thyroid.” I was suffering with the worst fatigue, brain fog, and pain but Steph helped get my health back on track with appropriate supplements and homeopathic remedies. So very grateful for this amazing service!

Jennifer Clements

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